Our Story

     It was an accident!

  It all began when Julia left her cutting board, that our son had made in his 7th-grade wood shop, lying on top of our electric stovetop.  Yep, you guessed it!  While sitting in the living room, we could smell something burning. His cutting board, of great sentimental value, was destroyed.

      And that was where it all started.

  Please make me a cutting board. I have two requests: 

1. Make it strong and durable. Something that will have sentimental value for years to come.  I want it to be passed down for generations.

2. Make it pretty, I want to be able to leave it standing out on the counter.

      But first!

I would like you to make some charcuterie boards for friends and family as gifts. Oh! Could you also engrave their names and maybe anniversary dates.


     What about Bob?

  Bob's woodworking began back in his freshman year of high school. In his wood shop class, he turned a bowl and built a shoe shine kit, which he still has today.


Over the years, Bob has built many things, from bookshelves to headboards. His largest project was building all-new kitchen cabinets.

   Julia will tell you that his biggest woodworking flaw is his tendency to be too much of a perfectionist.



  Our Name

  I wish I could say there is a funny or quirky story about how we came up with our company name, but that’s not the case. Our son and daughter-in-law were expecting their third child.  At 17 weeks into the pregnancy, the sonogram showed them they were having a baby boy and they decided on the name Brooks Allen. On February 19, 2019, every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare happened. God called Brooks Allen home and we lost him due to a miscarriage. I can honestly say that this one of the worst, hardest and saddest days of our lives. After the funeral, much crying, grieving and sadness, life went on.

 My wife and I had decided to start selling our boards and were deeply into setting up every thing, including our website but we hadn’t yet decided on the company name. I told my my wife that we should name it after the grandson we never got to meet. This was a way to honor him and have his name in front of us daily.

 While we will never claim to know why God does what He does, it is through these hard times that we learn to lean on Him and trust in Him. I know that today Brooks is sitting by His side looking down on us and smiling.