Board Care

Please follow these instructions to keep your Brooks Allen Board looking good for years to come. Remember your board is made from real wood that is glued together.


Never put your board in the dishwasher. Water can cause your board to warp, and the steam created in the drying cycle can cause it to warp or become delaminated.

Don't soak or submerge your board in water.

Never put your board away wet.



Hand wash in warm water with mild dish soap.

Stand on edge and allow to dry completely.


Conditioning Your Board:

If your board starts to look dry or dull, apply some of or board conditioner to bring back its luster and rejuvenate the drying board. 

Applying The Board Conditioner:

   1. Clean your board with a mild dish soap and warm water. Stand the board on an edge and allow it to dry. 

   2. Apply a small amount of conditioner to the included applicator.

   3. Apply the conditioner to the board in small circular motion, making sure to cover the entire board including the edges. 

   4. Allow the conditioner to dry on the board for 3-5 minutes.

   5. Wipe away excess conditioner with a soft cloth.

   6. Repeat if desired.